Our investment management service begins with an analysis your assets, goals, and risk tolerance, in order to better direct the investment of your assets so that your goals can be met. In providing investment management, we consider your existing assets and liabilities, the anticipated time horizon, risk profile, diversification of your existing portfolio, anticipated liquidity needs, and objectives. Based on these factors, we develop and implement effective investment strategies. We use a variety of instruments to execute these strategies including individual securities, Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), index funds, actively managed mutual funds, and third party money managers. Using strategic asset allocation, we help you to meet your investment objectives and tactically adjust the weighting of the various asset classes as market conditions dictate.

Risk management is a fundamental part of our investment management service. We use macroeconomics, technical, and other analytical methods to take advantage of opportunities and reduce volatility of changing market conditions. We offer different portfolio structures and risk preferences that aim to meet your financial planning objectives.